Annual General Meeting – 2016 (AGM)

Annual General Meeting – 2016 (AGM)

Mar 27, 2016

The 66th Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Sunday 27th March 2016. The venue will be the National Office of the Association at Panadura.  The AGM will as usual, commence sharp at 11.00 hours. All Special Life, Life and other members who are not in arrears of their subscriptions of the Year 2016 are cordially invited to be present. Payment can also be made before 9.30 am on the day of the AGM.

The Nomination Board consisting of the President, Executive Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer and Editor appointed by the EXCO will receive nominations for 23 vacancies meet evaluate and submit recommendations to the outgoing National Executive Committee.

The Nomination Board will also decide and recommend designations if any to which persons seeking membership of the National Executive Committee will be assigned or in the alternative designate them only as members of the National Executive Committee for 2016/2017.

The criteria on which the Board will base its recommendations are primarily based on it’s assessment of participation by the members concerned in the work of the NEC since the last AGM, including attendance, commitment, record of work and dedication to the objectives of the Association and work carried out and completed in the past or are likely to be useful to serve in the EXCO in 2016/2017.

Nomination Form will be available only from the Nominations Board at this office. Forms not obtained from this office will be rejected. All Nomination Forms issued by the office are marked by name, numbered and initiated by an authorized member of the NEC.


The following were unanimously elected as office bearers of the Executive Committee for

the year 2016/2017.

  • Dr. Lakshman Marasinghe Re-Elected President
  • Mr. M.M. Zawahir Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Errol Smith Secretary General
  • Mr. S.I.A. Kabeer Treasurer
  • Mr. D. Vitharana Asst. Treasurer/Editor
  • Dr. D.W. Weerasooriya Deputy Executive Chairman
  • Mr. M.M.M. Rushanudeen Deputy Executive Chairman
  • Dr. K.D.S. Ranasinghe Vice Chairman
  • Mr. D.M. Siriwardena Vice Chairman
  • Brig. Gen Granville Elapata Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Sampath Priyankara Asst. Secretaries General
  • Mr. E. Karunaratne Asst. Secretaries General
  • Dr. M.Z.M. Nizar Asst. Secretaries General
  • Ms. P.R. Mallika Philips Asst. Secretaries General
  • Mr. A.T. Malalgoda Asst. Secretaries General
  • Dr. K.A. Abeywardena Asst. Secretaries General
  • Mr. M.Z.M. Hanieffa Member
  • Mr. N. Rajkumar Member
  • Mr. M.D.L.D. Peiris Member
  • Mr. U.A.A. Marsook Member
  • Mr. T.S.N. Fernando Member
  • Maj Gen Dr. K.D.P. Perera Member
  • Dr. G.P.P. Silva Hony. Member
  • Mr. M.V. Jayasinghe Hony. Member
  • Mr. Meril Perera Hony. Member
  • Ms. B.M. Perera Hony. Member
  • Mr. K.D.A. Jayaratne Hony. Member


  1. Mahesh Vipula Jayasinghe /

    congratulation of getting the web site updated. please use the web to communicate with members and schools. have a page for study circle activities.

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