The recent torrential rains in Sri Lanka have resulted in severe flooding and landslides in many parts of the country. Several roads have been inundated.

According to the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Center, over 165 people have been reported dead whilst 110 persons are reported missing and almost 500,000 persons displaced due to the severe flooding caused by adverse weather conditions and landslides, reported in many areas.

Adverse weather continues in many parts of the country  and a warning has gone out to people in the affected areas as well as those areas that are vulnerable, to evacuate since the flood levels are raising and the risk of landslides are inevitable.

Several voluntary organizations are appealing for assistance to help the affected in these areas.

Providing of Drinking Water and cooked food to the affected persons has already commenced. The next issue is sanitation and hygiene especially for women. The government machinery has also moved in, in a big way providing immediate necessities and medical aid.

The United Nations Association of Sri Lanka is also working closely with the government and other voluntary organizations in providing relief to the affected persons.

The relief operations and other logistics are under control at this moment and once the floods subside, there are bigger issues to be addressed and the UNA Sri Lanka is gearing itself to meet this situation.

There would be a dire need for the following items, among others:

  • water and sanitation
  • kitchen cooking utensils
  • clothes
  • mosquito nets
  • rubber slippers
  • female sanitary packs
  • mats and mattresses
  • bed sheets
  • towels
  • match boxes
  • milk powder
  • dry rations (rice, dhal, sugar, canned fish, noodles, dry fish, soya, etc.)
  • soap & tooth paste, etc.,

The environmental clean-up or debris management which will need urgent attention will be handled by the government with the assistance of the security forces.

The UNA Sri Lanka would welcome donations of the above items for distribution among the needy and a collection center has been established at the UNA Secretariat at No. 39/1, Cyril Jansz Mawatha, Panadura, where these items could be delivered.

International donor assistance in the form of donations are earnestly request in this hour of need and are also most welcome, which could be directed to the Mr. Errol Smith, Secretary-General, United Nations Association of Sri Lanka, 39/1, Cyril Jansz Mawatha, Panadura 12500, Sri Lanka – Bank Account No. 0050-131936-001  at Seylan Bank, Panadura Branch, Sri Lanka  –  Swift Code: SEYBLKLX  SEYLAN BANK PLC COLOMBO SRI LANKA

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